This work was ment to come out around new years eve 2012, when the world should have come to some end.* In the middle of the downfall or at the beginning some crisis or ...

But the middle is near did not make it, it was only in the middle of its release.

The problem was that the scroll function was not working well on iPhones, which is actually the part of the game. But f*ck you i*hone users, in one year another devices are out, on which it will not work either.

Meanwhile Facebook and the latest Mac OSX version replaced the scrollbar with an auto-hidding slim scrollbar; i guess on most mobile browsers its the same. You don't really know then where you are; in the middle or already at the end ?

Since some years we live in a world of endless scrolling, because there are (nearly) infinite amount of data and information available out there.
There is no beginning, you will never reach the end .... you are always in the middle.

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* or something like that, i guess you remember that times...