Ohh! Here is some space that could be filled with text.

It could contain some introducing thoughts about the middle is near - what it is about, what the author had in mind while creating it and what it is not about.

After reading this text you should know a bit more about the middle is near, but maybe not.

do you think the middle is near?

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by Bernhard Bauch, 2014
Drawing: Stuhlio Iglesias

this is not the middle ...

nor is this.

you are getting closer ...

but where is the middle ?

the middle should be somewhere
between the beginning and the end.

is the middle in the middle of
the beginning and the end ?

but what is the middle ?

the middle is not what it seems ...

if this is the middle,
would this be halfway to the end ?

maybe there is no middle ...

how can you know
that you've reached the middle ?

maybe there is no need for a middle ...

some would say:
the middle is not near at all.

has the middle anything to do with the centre of something ?

if there is no end,
how can you know when you've reached the middle ?

is it important to know where the middle is ?

where is your middle?

some might say: we passed the middle already.

if the middle lies behind us, where are we now ?

we are in the middle ...

... of nowhere.

the middle is just a mark for neither the beginning nor the ending.

one things's for sure:
the middle is not the beginning.

could the middle be the end ?

if there is no end, there is no middle ...

maybe the middle doesn't make sense.

does the middle have a centre ?

is the middle obsolete ?

or has the middle just left the page ?

do you think the middle has been ...

... and gone ?

the middle is vague.

do you think the middle is a middle-class idea ?

before we reach the middle,
we might be middle aged.

the middle is fair to middling.

the middle is far too middling.

i guess the middle ceases to make sense.

is this text the middle of the road ...

... to the end ?

i guess the middle is futile ...